A downloadable Poppy for Windows

Poppy saves Paintland is a vibrant,  3D Platformer. Inspired by the classics that came before it such as Super Mario SunshineBanjo Kazooie and even A Hat In Time!  What we've made so far represents a vertical slice of what is hopefully more to come.  You can play the very first world that's been developed for the game, Construction Zone! 

This game was made with a team of 6 in 16 weeks as a major production for the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE).

Lochlan Perry-Scott : UI  Designer / Technical Design & Programming

Byron C. Boskell : Graphics & Interaction Programminng, Level Design

Brandon Miller : Core Mechanic Concepting, Narrative Design, Main Level Design

Samantha Handley : Character & Environment Modeling, Rigging & Animation, 2D Art & Texturing

Jacob Carpenter : Charater Concepting, Poppy Model, Texturing, Rigging & Animation

Craig Maltby : Environment Modelling, Concept Art

Take control of Poppy and paint your way through glorious, classic 3D platforming. In the full version, Poppy will paint her way around 7 different worlds, retrieving the Paint Crystals from each of them to restore colour to the kingdom and defeat Queen Monochromia. 

Poppy saves Paintland is required to be played with controller.



Please enjoy your time playing Construction Zone, a unique world from the full game!

You can press the Start button to access the pause menu.
When you restore the ink heart at the top of the spire, you have completed the game. Try to collect every single coin and unlock every piece of concept art!

Thanks for playing! :)

Install instructions

Download the zip file to your computer.

Unpack the zip and open the .exe file.

Ensure you have a controller available to play.

Run the game and choose your settings, and enjoy!


Poppy - Saves Paintland.zip 82 MB


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Really cute project that reminded me of The Painter's Apprentice. :)

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Thank you for playing the first level of our project. Glad you enjoyed the game we put together :) Me and the team hope to continue this project in the near future and plan on making many many more levels 

Great, looking forward to seeing those levels. :)


A beautful little love letter to platformer classics, great work guys! The game has a lot of love put into it and it shows :)